Wisconsin Dock Dogs

DockDogs® will be featured at three Outdoor Life/Field & Stream Expo Series presented by Suzuki KingQuad events this year. DockDogs be part of the Ohio Expo in Columbus, March 20-22, the Wisconsin Expo in Madison, April 3-5 and the Florida Expo in Lakeland, July 24-26.

At each of the three aforementioned Expos, DockDogs will take part in a trio of different challenges: the Big Air® Wave competition, Extreme Vertical® and Speed Retrieve® competition.

The Big Air competition features dogs running down a 40-foot dock and diving into a pool of water, chasing after an object, in which they are electronically judged for the length of their jump. The Extreme Vertical competition is a “High Jump” for the dogs as they each lunge to snag a “bumper” suspended in the air. With each grab, the height increases in 2-inch increments until only one dog is crowned king.

Rounding out the action is the newest form of competition known as Speed Retrieve, where the dogs are put on the clock to see how fast they can run down the dock, jump into the water, swim to the end of the pool and retrieve an object which is held by a modified extender arm.

DockDogs competitions are open to anyone. Teams are made up of one dog and one handler. A participating canine must be six-months or older to be eligible. Canines of any breed, size or shape are welcome. Not only is the competition open to all types of canines, but also handlers above the age of seven are welcome, as a Youth Handler class is open for those between the ages of 7-14.

Wisconsin Event Schedule:

Fri April 3, 2020

  • Onsite Registration/ Practice – 2:00 pm
  • Big Air WAVE # 1 – 3:00 pm
  • Big Air WAVE # 2 – 5:00 pm
  • Big Air WAVE # 3 – 7:00 pm

Sat April 4, 2020

  • Onsite Registration/ Practice – 9:00 am
  • Big Air WAVE # 4 – 10:00 am
  • Big Air WAVE # 5 – 11:30 am
  • Big Air WAVE # 6 – 1:00 pm
  • Big Air WAVE # 7 – 3:00 pm
  • Extreme Vertical – 5:00 pm

Sun April 5, 2020

  • Onsite Registration/ Practice – 9:00 am
  • Big Air WAVE # 8 – 10:00 am
  • Big Air WAVE # 9 – 11:30 am
  • Speed Retrieve (All in one Finals) – 1:00 pm
  • Big Air Finals start at 3:00 pm (Pro, Semi-Pro, Contender & Amateur Finals)

Event Format: Indoor Big Air®, Extreme Vertical® , Speed RetrieveTM and Iron Dog Rankings