Deer Mounts

Trophy Deer Contest & World Class Deer Displays

Get a FREE weekend pass when you bring your trophy deer to be scored in our Trophy Deer Contest. Official scorers will be on-site to measure local trophies of all sizes. Bring your deer in to see how he measures up while competing for various awards throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, if you like big bucks than you’ll be in good company. Admire World Class Deer exhibits alongside local giants on display at the Outdoor Life / Field & Stream Expo Series presented by Suzuki KingQuad.

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Trail Cam Photo Contest

Trail Camera Contest

A great trail camera photo can change everything for a hunter. It'll set in motion a game plan, an obsession... an infatuation sometimes. The camera will be the eyes you never had, and an opportunity to gain important intel for the next hunt.

We're excited to give the Outdoor Life / Field & Stream attendees a chance to WIN great prizes for sharing their favorite trail camera photo! Users will submit their favorite photo online with added incentive to share it socially. Outdoor Life / Field & Stream Expo Series will also share submissions online and via all social media platforms for the entire audience to experience these unique shots.

Deadline to submit photos is December 1, 2020.


3D Archery 2020 Photo

3D Archery Shoot

Bring your bow and put your skills to the test! Each tournament will consist of one round of 20 individual 3-D targets (non-moving). The target ranges will be set up indoors. Shooters can register at the event.

Ohio | Wisconsin

Jason Clark

Educational & Entertaining Seminars

Come see one of our many Expert Seminar Speakers at an Outdoor Life / Field & Stream Expo presented by Suzuki KingQuad in a city near you. Check out the full Seminar Speakers Schedule for each location.

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Byron Ferguson 4

Archery Trick Shooting

The energetic performance of the Archery Trick Shot Show, split between Byron Ferguson and Frank Addington, will leave you wondering how these shots are even possible.

This energetic performance Byron Ferguson uses a traditional bow and his instinctive reactions to pull off shots like hitting a flying target blindfolded. Byron became infatuated with the bow and arrow at the age of 12 and began working as a bricklayer's helper to earn money to purchase his first recurve. Now famous for his coin trick, Byron once shot eight dimes in a row out of the air. He uses no sights or other gadgets when he shoots. Slitting a playing card in half - from the side - is one of Byron's favorite tricks.

Frank Addington, Jr. a.k.a. The Aspirin Buster has been wowing audiences across the United States for three decades now. His amazing accuracy with his Hoyt bow will amaze and entertain audiences of all sizes. Addington has performed in large venues for huge crowds and also performed private exhibitions for well known celebrities.

Florida | Kentucky | Michigan | Ohio | Wisconsin

Archery Image

Try Before You Buy

Exhibitor Shooting Ranges – Try before you buy the latest models on the market at the bow tryout area. Bow manufacturers and retailers provide the opportunity to test any bow or crossbow of your choosing.

Youth Archery Range – Experience the feeling of shooting a compound bow with our lightweight draw Genesis and Mini Genesis bows. All gear provided. Adult supervision and safe shooting instruction available.

Show Exhibitors

National & Regional Exhibitors

Featuring the latest in outdoor gear from hundreds of national & regional exhibitors and many hands-on-demo opportunities that allow attendees to Try, Before You Buy. Exhibitors are knowledgeable and many offer exclusive show specials that you'll only be able to find at an Outdoor Life / Field and Stream Expo in a city near you!


Door Prizes

Door Prizes

Enter for your chance to win one of several door prizes drawn throughout each day of the Outdoor Life / Field & Stream Expo. Simply scan the QR code or enter the website URL and submit your information for entry.